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For the complete Questions and Answer sheet or if you are ready to get started, email info@celiinc.org and an application will be emailed to you. 

Can I get a High School Diploma instead of a GED/High School Equivalency?

Yes, no matter how many units you are lacking.  Elk Grove Adult School has a FREE program with both site based classes and correspondence course.  You can complete either program at your own pace.  Schedule and appointment with CELI so we can help you decide which will work best for you. Coming soon, CELI will provide high school diplomas in 2017 for adults 22+.

What Subjects will the GED Test cover?

The required subjects are Basic English (reading and writing), Social Studies, Science, and Math.  For certain parts of the math test a calculator can be used.  There are also basic computer and lessons for using the approved calculator.


Where can I take the GED test and how much does it cost?

The GED test is administered at local test centers and they establish their own fees.  In Sacramento the fee usually ranges from $120-$250.  Once you are added as a student you will be prompted to complete an online assessment.  Your study plan will be developed based on your scores.  Once you pass two-three tests with a score of 65% or above, we begin scheduling your testing - you will have one year to complete once you begin testing.  CELI will help pay your fee for you if you are low income and are not a participant of another program that provides the same support.  You will have to pay for retest if you don't pass. 

Can I be successful if I didn?t get good grades in school?

Some people work best with one-on-one assistance, rather than a classroom setting. Ask yourself a few questions: ?Are my priorities in order??, ?Would I rather hang out with my friends??, or ?Can I commit to at least an hour a day studying??   If you are tired of low paying jobs and are serious about your future, then let CELI help you achieve your goal to obtain a GED Certificate.  If you put the time in, yes, you will be successful, and CELI is available to assist you in achieving that success. 


Our program is designed to let you set your own pace, we offer one-on-one help, and incentives to finish early. We require thqt you work at least one hour each day.  We assist you with making the decision to schedule your testing date based on your pre-test scores (one at a time, two a day, etc.). 

If I start the program and decide to drop out, will I be able to get back into the program later?

If you are accepted into the program, but drop out because of an emergency, we will consider allowing you to continue on a case by case basis.  If you drop out for any other reason, you seat will be given to another student wishing to earn a GED.  If there are seats available we will allow you back into the program.  If not, you will have to wait until you get a seat to be reconnected to the class.  We will be able to track your time in the system; four consecutive days of inactivity, without prior notification, will result in you being dropped.




If you have questions or need additional information, contact:

CELI, INC. (501c3, IRS # 65-1280171)

4625 44th Street

Sacramento, CA  95820

Lisa Miller, Executive Director

Sacramento, California

(916) 496-7764

Email:  info@celiinc.org

Website:  www.celiinc.org

Note:  To reach a specific Board Member include the name in the subject line.


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