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CELI INC's mission is to increase achievement for low income, at-risk youth and adults by improving their economic status and promoting contribution to the regional economy.  


CELI Inc., located in the Promise Zone (Fruitridge Collaborative) and provides services to participants that have a history of being hard to serve, including high school drop outs, single parents, homeless or at/high-risk, recently incarcerated, have a felony background, or aging out of foster care. 

We mainly serve the Meadowview, Oak Park and Del Paso Heights areas but have participants in other areas in Sacramento.  Oak Park where we are housed, has a total population of 49,966 of which, 44.4% Oak Park residents live below the poverty level as compared to Sacramento County's 23.4%.  The high school dropout rate in these three areas is higher than the rates in other areas in Sacramento.  The study also shows that State and Local Government will save a total of 1.4 billion dollars if just 50% of dropouts earn a high school equivalency.  A high number of residents in Oak Park, Del Paso, and Meadowview areas are chronically unemployed/under employed and have not been able to get or retain employment.  Many of the residents that are employed do not meet the national self-sufficiency standard which incorporates enough money to provide food, shelter, childcare, transportation, and other basic needs.  


The major outcomes are to 1) provide the supports needed to level the playing field for individuals that are competing for jobs with individuals without extensive barriers, and 2) ensure participants are employed and ultimately meet the national self-sufficiency standard.  We are collecting data regarding family type, family size, income, health, housing situations, military experience, education levels, and if employed, place of employment and current salary.  All (100%) of the participants that are served under this proposal will live in Sacramento, are low-income, at/high risk, are transitioning foster youth, parolees or probation, homeless, at risk of being involved in gang activity, are chronically unemployed and/or receiving public assistance.  We will conduct social assessments and create IDPs for all (100%) of the participants. 

Ancillary skills, including time management, follow-through, ability to work in groups, setting and keeping appointments, and self-awareness will be measured in qualitative terms as reported by the coach and quantitatively by workshop attendance records, self-reflection on questionnaires, and documentation for the certifications received.  We will track attendance hours, classroom hours, skill levels, GED/HiSET completion.  All (100%) employed participants will be provided follow-up support for at least six months and up to 12 months after employment to ensure they remain employed.  


Intake and Assessment:  Through the application process, we collect data that helps us understand the student?s individual needs.  A database is compiled and used to determine the student?s needs and progress.

   Career Preparation: Our vocational training students will be equipped with CalOsha Basic Safety and First Aid/CPR certifications, prepared to pass the union's entry test, participate in a job fair, industry site visits, and community outreach.

·  Supportive Services:  Each participant will be provided trade tools to use in class and own when they complete the program. Also, we help with other supports that will ensure participant' success.

·  Job Retention/Job Coaching:  Weekly workshops related to workplace relationships and ethics, interpersonal skills, multicultural awareness, personal growth/development, organization, communication, living independently, career and personal planning.  Monthly job coach visits begin 6-12 months after employment to ensure success.

·  GED Preparation/Supplemental Support Through our GED/HiSET preparation academy, individual learning plans will be developed and monitored.  A credentialed teacher will oversee weekly math and language arts classes. We will also be able to provide High School diplomas by the end of the year.

·  Legal Support:  Legal support will be available for students that wish to start a business and/or need assistance with expungement of criminal records. 

Community Service Days:  Two community outreach service days are scheduled, April 8, 2017 and May 20, 2017.  Students will give back to the community by providing basic electrical work for Oak Park residents.  


CELI was born in a South Sacramento neighborhood when five young men all dropped out of school.  CELI's founder started working with the young men to get into a GED program and find employment (get back on track). Five of them are working, one is in prison for life, and one of the five is still working with CELI on his goals.  Word spread that I help people find jobs. Youth and adults began knocking on my door.  I drove them to interviews, purchased interview clothes, paid the State GED fees, etc.  

A Family member told me if I started a non-profit I would be able to get help from companies and foundations that also want to make a difference.  I completed our IRS/Franchise Tax Board paperwork in 2006.

We recently celebrated our 10-Year Anniversary and have served approximately 60 adults through our GED 123 Academy, 150 adults including 2 emancipated youth through our adult mentoring/job readiness programs, placed 40 adults into employment, and paid for supportive services, bus passes, interview clothing, live scan, and First Aid/CPR classes for 75 adults.



CELI INC 65-1280171

4625 44th Street, Room 3

Sacramento, CA  95820

(916) 496-7764

Website: www.celiinc.org

Facebook: www.facebook.com/celiinc

Twitter: www.twitter.com.celiinc






If you have questions or need additional information, contact:

CELI, INC. (501c3, IRS # 65-1280171)

4625 44th Street

Sacramento, CA  95820

Lisa Miller, Executive Director

Sacramento, California

(916) 496-7764

Email:  info@celiinc.org

Website:  www.celiinc.org

Note:  To reach a specific Board Member include the name in the subject line.


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