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7 Women 7 Stools - A Critically Acclaimed Stage Play


CELI INC is hosting 7 Women Stools on Saturday, March 10, 2017 (7PM)

The inspirational stage play, 7 Women 7 Stools introduces you to the Housewife, the Grandmother, the Abused Woman, the Hustler, the College Student, the Cancer Survivor and the Mistress and invites you to journey with them as they move from pain to pinnacle. Delilah Rashell Williams also produced, God Is Trying to Tell You Something, Stop the Noise, Bring Back the Music, and TD Jakes, mega hit, Women Thou Art Loosed

Fruitridge School Auditorium

4625 44th Street

Sacramento,  CA  95820

Proceeds help level the playing field for chronically unemployed/underemployed youth and adults that are competing for jobs with individuals without barriers through FREE GED PREPARATION, MATH CLINICS, JOB READINESS, VOCATIONAL and SOFT SKILLS TRAINING, AND JOB COACHING and  benefit low-income, high risk women, men and families in Sacramento.

Pick up tickets at 4625 44th Street, Room 3 (10am-2pm Monday through Thursday) or call me to arrange a meet, 916-496-7764 or leave your address and I will mail them up until February 15th.

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